Where can you feel excited, nervous, rushed, motivated, tired, passionate, and enlightened, all within the interval.

When some people hear the word “Hackathon” a wave of intimidation spills over them. A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is typically a day-long coding competition where a bunch of software developers, computer…

On a Saturday (13 March), I got a call from my brother who is a Software Engineer with 15+ years of experience. As I am a Computer Science student, I asked him for some guidance for a better career. He told me a line which I will remember forever, You are a programmer. Do at least one code everyday. Don’t go for certificates and all those things. From that day itself I started my journey of coding. I did at least one problem everyday.

If you are going to start your coding journey, keep few things in your mind. You will face a lot of difficulties when you move ahead. It’s okay to take long time to solve a problem. Try to avoid getting hints and solutions as much as possible. Never be discouraged…

Git || GitHub || VS Code

Most of use may be familiar with Git, GitHub, VS Code. Many of us would have worked with these. But a lot of people has some confusion with these. Let’s clear them all. Here you will get to know about using git and GitHub in vs code.

Installation & Account Creation

First of all…

Debashish kumar sahoo

I am just bad at giving up.

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