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When some people hear the word “Hackathon” a wave of intimidation spills over them. A hackathon, also known as a codefest, is typically a day-long coding competition where a bunch of software developers, computer programmers, designers, and others join hands to improve upon or build a new software program.

A hackathon is a place where you find diversified minds and ideas, all under one roof. You will eventually end up honing your existing skills and acquiring new ones in the process. These are few of the skills that you will acquire.

Learn teamwork

The importance of teamwork cannot be overstated. It is very, very important, especially in such events. Hackathons encourage you to work with people that you do not often work with, which eventually leads to wonderful ideas. You learn to partition tasks, share a codebase, and get along the process through good and bad as a team. Also, “pair programming” is a common practice at hackathons. It involves finding someone of similar skill sets, and then taking turns building and advising on the project.

Transform ideas into reality

The core concept of most hackathons is the ability to turn concepts into deliverable actions or a working prototype. Hackathons are a great way to involve and understand every stage — from design to deployment — of a product. The gap between ideation and execution is huge. For instance, when Uber brought the idea of helping customers find a ride via connectivity, many people said, “I had that same idea.” Still, Uber made it happen in the best possible way. Similarly, there are several ideas that people think of, and a hackathon lets one execute ideas and create something amazing!

Improve problem solving skills

Want to stretch your problem-solving skills to the limit? Attend a hackathon! To get the job done, you will need to learn how to focus on what is important. And no matter however pre-defined your ideas are before you attend, you will eventually learn to be flexible and adaptable in your approach. Also, you will get the opportunity to literally drill down issues and understand them to their very core.

Acquire industry specific skills

If you are new to programming, you will learn how to build a project from scratch, buff out the glitches, and present it to a panel of experts. On the other hand, if you are already a coding professional, you have an opportunity to enhance your skills. All-in-all, a hackathon is a win-win situation. It prepares you for working in a fast-paced, industry-driven environment, and gives professional experience in tackling coding challenges.

Even, later on you can turn your idea into big products or startups etc. These are few of the steps you should follow

1. Validate your idea

2. Form a team

3. Build a product

4. Raise capital and expand

There are 100s of Hackathons going on almost everyday. MLH (Major League Hacking) is a company that operates a league for student Hackathons, You can find list of Hackathons in their website. Currently MLH INIT 2022 is going on. Below are the list of the Hackathons that is going to be organized

1. Hacktoon

2. Bon Voyage Hacks

3. Hacky Birthday MLH

4. SelfieHacks

5. RoboHacks

and many more….

It’s obvious guys, I am going to attend these all. And there are many more sites where you can find various other hackathons, such as Dare2Compete, HackerEarth.

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